I'm thinking to try and turn ether one of my many PCs or one of my macs and hide all of the cables. When you open a system all you see are cables and wires. To me it looks like a spider web. As a modder I like for my system to look good outside and inside.

For the motherboard/logicboard I was thinking to desolder the power supply connectors and install them on the reverse side. For hiding ribbon cables I was thinking to mask them and run them under the motherboard/logic board to the connections. I wouldn't resolder them but get much out of the way is the point. The hard part is hiding power connections for the drives. I was thinking to shorten or even making them longer and running them out of sight as much as possible. The real hard part would be the power supply itself. If the power supply circuity is small enough it can be turned around and make the cables stick out the side and the right side panel keeps it hidden. For a mac you would do it the other way around.

I'm going to test this on a junk system I don't car about then try it on a working system. This way I won't end up with a paper weight that once was a working system.