I dropped my Mackbook Pro 17" (original version). The case and LCD screen was damaged. I thought it would be cool to have a "Tough Mac" style replacement case. That is a machined aluminum case to replace the original, look like the same as the original, but a bit thicker.

I've wanted this long *before* the new unibody version. From what I've heard the new version is still thin at places. They are still very nice, but I don't feel compelled to get a new one yet.

My idea was to forgo some of the thinness of the overall design and have a 1/8th inch (3 cm) thickness all around. It doesn't have to be completely weather tight, just no so darned fragile.

Is there anyone who has done anything like this? Are there CNC codes out there to have a machine shop do it? Who else thinks this is a cool concept?

Also (off forum topic) can I upgrade to the new higher resolution LCD too?