Would anybody do me a favor and take shot close up shots of a 17" Macbook Pro (Core 2 Duo) upper case ribbon cable, and some very close up shots of the cluster connections throughout the entire thing, and post them on this thread? I need to verify if the cable I need for my computer has changed through these last years, so I can see if I can purchase an upper case on ebay just for the cable I need, since Apple doesn't sell those things separately from the upper case.

It just needs to be your Macbook Pro 17". Preferrably an upper case with the following numbers stamped on the underside of the upper case next to the power button:

620-3980-05 FA76M001010
(this is the stamp on the item I'd like to buy if it will match. I've asked the seller to send some close up pictures but he may not do it)

My board's underside reads:

620-3518-18 FAPW2005013

Maybe ever one of these boards have a different number? Though the trackpad or keyboards have slight modifications, the ribbon cable has remained the same from my model to this guy's model? That's the kind of thing I'm trying to determine here. Any help would be greatly appreciated!