Like others, I popped the boot off the logic board connection between the upper case and the logic board, and am in need for a new ribbon cable, and the spot weld between the ribbon and the boot was ripped clean off. Currently I am using my Macbook Pro by using external keyboard and mouse, but I have to jump the PWR BTN contacts in order to bypass the power button that no longer is connected to the logic board.

I sure would like to be able to put this guy back together, but can't until I can obtain the cable as a separate purchase -- well, WON'T until I can find the cable separately. I don't want to buy the entire upper case when there's nothing wrong with it. Who would?

Is Waragainstsleep still around? Looks like he *might* have what I'm looking for. If not him, is there anybody else? Any recommendations?

Thanks all.