hey guys I'm looking to max out my G4 this spring/summer seeing as it has been proving very useful while at college (served as a backup when my iBook went down for 2 days:)). Right now it is driving a Sharp HD TV and has been great for watching movies, I would like to keep copies of all my ripped movies right in the computer so I don't need to use my eternal HD and keep my external exclusively for backups. So what I want to do is install a SATA controller card and two 1.5 TB HDs or two 750 giger IDK yet. which is the best option for a SATA controller?
also would booting from a SATA drive connected to a PCI SATA controller be faster than using the ATA bus?

would this card work in my QS?
it says G4 compatible but does not specify models

or do I need this card?

If the card with the four ports works I would also like to get this