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You could always use a micro ATX or ITX power supply to power the system. I think a 100watt would be plenty to power everything.

.... That's exactly what I decided to do! I just bought a used pull on ebay for $4... 185w. I'm going to be adding a pcmcia card with usb2 and firewire, and it will also need 5v, so it looks like that should do the trick!
I also want to power the rest of the system with it. I can get the 24v needed for the powerbook from the two 12v from the mobo connector, but I must admit I am a bit sketched out to try it. The advantage would be reusing the power up button to boot up the system. (I suppose I could wire up my own relay, but simpler is better!)
I have also ordered the adapter, and a 2.5" to CF card adapter just for some experimenting... It might end up in my mini!
Thanks for the help y'all and if you have any more thoughts and suggestions, keep em coming!