First of all... sorry for not being very active on the site lately.
On to the issue at hand... The HD started failing in my Tibook and since the case is destroyed and the battery is toast, I think it is time to turn it into a IMac style machine... So it will be getting a custom (hopefully laser-cut) case and I figure I'll have some extra space to add a reg size HD, and get more bang for my buck. 7200 rpm + 500GB. When I search for adapters, all I can find are ones to do the reverse. It is just hard to tell if they will work both ways. I assume that it is just a pin to pin connection, but some of the ebay items have resistors on them, which lead me to believe there may be some circuitry involved. Does anyone own one of these?
Does anyone foresee any other difficulties that may arise?
Thnks everone!
*note* On examining the pic a bit more I think the resistors are only to power the LED, but I think reversing the circuit could still f*ck it up. The solution may to just order one with no LED!