You know, I thought I remember reading on some other site that the Gigabit mobo overclocking doesn't always get you 133MHz, sometimes it's more like 115(?). So dbculp, I guess it's your opinion that with the other PCI slot potential problem, it's not worth it just for a 33% gain in bus speed when the processor isn't going to push it that hard anyway.

I probably won't mess with it and will just overclock the daughtercard. Anyone else have an opinion on (or the instructions for) the motherboard upclocking procedure?

As for the optical drive, thanks for the advice WAS- I have a lot more experience in the old SCSI voodoo than IDE tomfoolery, but with only two drives, no IDs and no terminators it's not that complicated to try out. I will have to leave the HD where it is though, part of the mod necessary for putting a QS daughtercard into a Gigabit is that apparently one must use the original QS heatsink, which requires cutting away part of the Zip drive carrier with tin snips.