I know it's been done before, and I've found a number of websites that detail what exactly is needed to be done (most importantly the 12v to the fourth post). The two questions I've had difficulty finding the answer to (and yes I've searched these boards, and others) are:

1- When I remove the ATAPI connector for the optical drive from the front of the motherboard to make room for the QS daughtercard, can I then get a longer IDE cable and use it to connect both the optical drive and the hard drive to the hard drive's IDE connector? Or is it unavoidable, when putting a QS CPU onto a Gigabit board, that the machine will no longer have a functioning internal optical drive?

2- I've found the instructions on soldering jumpers on the back of the QS daughtercard to take it back closer to it's original speed rating (e.g. changing the 5.5 multiplier of a 733MHz CPU to 7.5, so that on the Gigabit's 100MHz bus it'll run at 750MHz). What I haven't found is how to do the motherboard modification so that I can bump it up from 100MHz to 133MHz, and either leave the daughtercard jumpers alone or overclock it slightly.

I believe I saw on these boards that someone named Antonio has done or knows how to do the motherboard 133MHz mod. Maybe you could help?

Thanks everyone for having me