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Yes there is firmware updates to this machine need to look closer


just because it is out of the box means nothing. Why they are called firm wear updates.

FYI : just to let you know sometimes thing that say they are dose not really mean they are. Look at this link below think you might want to look into this if you fixing thing and doing admin stuff at your school.


Firmware: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firmware

That update is for the Firmware on the Superdrive in those models. And also, there's a good chance his machine is pre-USB 2.0 because it's an ED model. But don't quote me on that. Unless there was a fundamental issue with the Superdrive that would prevent booting from another drive in the chain, I severely doubt that Firmware update applies.

When I said out of the box, I was referring to the fundamental Firmware update that applies to machines that ran OS 9.x before running OS X.

The eMac does not have a machine Firmware update, only an update to the Superdrive which (most likely) doesn't apply to his model.

That's all I meant, not trying to be a jerk. 8)