Boot driver depending on the os system being installed on the do you know how new the os cd you are using is?? Dose it have the latest version of firmware information on it? Nothing wrong with zeroing out data best clean slate to work from removing anything that most manufactures have on the disk. The other question is the eMac firmware up to date???? This is important when making sure you are loading a fresh install.I know that eMac has a firmware update reset memory while using the power button.. Trust me sounds weird but it works. What I recommend doing is reading on every machine u upgrade on before installing any new hardware or software. This time you are lucky in that you where able to load software but some of the apple products that are out there is no repercussions to fixing things if upgrades are not performed without doing the firmware updates. perfect example, Quick silvers and some blue and white G3's and powerbooks. I know learned the hard way. Apple service source cd's if this is a school thing should be somewhere around the school or call there customer care. Apple usually will leave this with someone with in the school district. Probably by now it is on the access of VIA internet. If not you call apple explain to them this is a school thing they will lead you in the right direction. If this is a school with nothing but Apple computers Apple usually leave a source for contact to help in these kinda matters. Reason why I know I use to work for apple computers within the customer care center here in beaverton when they where here, and there is a protocol for schools to call and get any help they need with minimal and or no cost at all