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I said in the last post you need to make sure that they are set on cable select or it will come up as a bad HD. There are several brands out there that say they are mac computable but are not. I stuck with seagate put tab on cable select and booted right up not a problem wiped drive formated and walla. I looked at apple build to order info on this machine when coming from factory custom installs could take a 160 GIG HD. Apple broke through there HD size limitations on the Mirror Door serious so size is not the problem or speed of the HD it is the pin out setting that are critical in order to work properly. My eMac is a ATI series so I know that that machine is newer and can handle it no problem. Now depending on the operating system you are installing on the HD will also affect if it will see the HD properly. RPM rates shouldn't matter at all due to the fact through the system upgrades this is fixed in operating systems boot CD's. Would recommend staying to seagate due to the fact clearer instructions and a higher success rate working on Apple. When this machine boots it is critical setting of the pin outs and makes a big difference on how the hard drive works with the machine it self.

Here is the spec page on this

Below is a great site with lots of info This also has a section in it that is for hard disk drive Here it states clearly that the HD's need to be set to cable select and states why.

The BootROM of Power Mac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors), Xserve, Power Mac G5, and any other model introduced after June 2002 can accommodate these larger drives.

Good Info. Bookmarked those.