Alright, so I have decided what my next mod is going to be but it's not what you'd call a normal mod. I want to create a small sewn case for my iPod to keep it warm when I walk to work.

When I am about half a mile a way from work, the iPod shuts off due to being too cold. I'm personally not cold at all during this walk. The iPod has shut off when in my shirt pocket on my chest, in my jeans pocket, and even in the liner of my coat. I just can't seem to keep it warm enough to get it all the way to work.

I was thinking of a couple different options for this case. One would be to get some wool and have enough insulation between the outside and inside shell of the case. The wool could be some 'fancy' stuff I pickup or a hacked apart Smart Wool sock that the mate died on.

The other option would be to get an insulation material that could be heated up in the microwave. By starting the journey off warm, it might be enough to get to work.

The later option would make the most sense in ensuring that the iPod would be on. I thought I'd throw out both options though. If anyone has anything to say, suggest, or maybe they know of a product that would help me out I'd appreciate it.