I have been slowly building and modifying a acrylic mid size tower. I don't like the clear case really.

1. You can see the mess of cables and such.
2. If you smoke the acrylic will turn dull
3. It lights up blue

To change this I have painted the case. Not a full layer but something nifty. I used electrical tape and taped up the case so when I painted it the gloss black it gave it a puzzle look. I I painted the outside of the panes because the effect I want will only work if the outside is covered. After painting I removed the tape and let the case cure for 24 hours. I pulled out two car polishes; Zymol and Meguiar's Deep Crystal. I used the megs first for the deep polish to achieve a even flat plain and then finished it off with the zymol. It came out every well.

The chrome pieces that were on the case isn't going to fit my scheme so I pulled out a can of Red Metalcast. This gives chrome a rich tint color. Inside of the case I put a layer of white paper on every pane. So the outside has the white & black look. To top it off I tossed in some red cathode tubes. This makes the white paper glow red. The paper acts as a filter and spreads out the light.

I trashed the blue LED crap and replaced it with red. The only problem is the the fans don't light up, thats fine by me.

For the front bezel (Still in the works) I decided to make a simple fan controller from scratch. A 250k pot/trimmer and a .47MFD cap. Just wire up the case fans and wahla. Lower the resistance it lowers the voltage, higher the resistance higher the voltage. I can even turn off the fans with this. I also have a tactical switching system from two DPDT switches so I can instantly change the hard drive jumpers from Master to Slave with out having to go into the BIOS. Right now I have a second IDE drive that dual boots OSx86 and Ubuntu. This is my experiment drive. Test updates to OSx and after everything checks out I then can install them onto my primary OSx86 drive that is on a SATA controller.

paint curing

Single cathtube testing the paper idea