Hi all,

I have a heavily upgraded G4 AGP graphics (sawtooth) which I use as my 2nd computer. I use it as a music server, home workstation media center and file server. It currently has a Sonnet G4 1GHz (7455) upgrade with 2MB L3 and I feel the need to upgrade again. I know that upgrading is often not the best idea but I simply love gear slutting too much

On to the question.. I have narrowed my upgrade choices down to either the OWC G4 1.5GHz (7455) with 256KB L2 and 2MB L3 or the Newertech 2.GHz (7448) with 1MB L2 and no L3.

Here are my key thoughts..

L3 really helps out macs with a slow bus and my Sawtooth only has a 100MHz bus. The OWC option has L3 but is 500MHz slower and has an L2 only 1/4 the size of the 2GHz Nwertech. My current 1GHz CPU upgrade has L3 and it certainly feels faster than my friends 1GHz eMac which has the 7447 with 512KB L2 and no L3.

The Newertech is 500MHz faster but has no L3. Even though 2GHz would be great.. how great can it be on a 100MHz bus with no L3? It does have 1MB L2 which is 4x larger than the OWC 1.5GHz but L2 is used more for dealing data crunching right at the CPU where as L3 deals more with the transfer between the CPU and RAM which like I already mentioned is ideal for a system with a slow bus. Having L3 is literally like overclocking your system bus. The good things I have heard about the 7448 chips is that they use less power than other G4 upgrades and that they are up to 40% faster than the 7447. The 7447 can be found in the current Sonnet upgrades and its the most gutless version of the G4 ever made. So for me its either a 7455 with L3 or a 7448.

Will the extra 500MHz and 4x the L2 make up for no L3?

Also.. the 2GHz upgrade is $120 more. OWC sells the 1.5 for 259 and the Newertech for 379.

If you had my mac.. which upgrade would you want crunching your bits?

Any feedback is appreciated. I'm a pretty serious geek and understand all this tech very well but I always appreciate the thoughts of other geeks to add to my choice making.

Thanks in advance!