My brother recently injured his iBook G3 12", so i've set him up with one of my many Power Mac G4s. Now it seems that his old iBook (which is in mostly working order, but has a touchy power input board) is sitting on my desk, begging me for a new life.

I recall reading (and posting) in the forums before about replacing the screen of an iBook/PowerBook with the screen from it's better equipped PC counterpart (a tablet PC). I have had the thought that this may be the new life that it is looking for.

The model that I have was originally a dual USB 500MHz (since upgraded to 700 via motherboard swap). My question to all of you lucky forum users is what display has the same LVDS cable, at the same size, with a Wacom digitizer? I found a plethora on Ebay by searching '12" digitizer'.

-----OK, Past this point is where I dump all of my thoughts-----

But I am still in the dark. Are these pin-compatible? Is there a better alternative? Should I hold out until I can afford another 14" iBook G4? I just sold one off (I just got a unibody) albeit hesitantly. I would not be against buying a 14" LCD to use with this 'book (in a rudimentary case), but I wonder if that is taking it to far?

A lot of questions, but it should give you something to think about: I haven't been able to find the result of all that posting fever a while back.

I'm going to sleep on it.