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It can be done, but why? Is the case damaged? I would scratch build a case for it, if I was to do it. Check out http://www.performance-pcs.com for parts. You will need to mod the mounting posts, rear I/O panel and figure out how to cool it. Again, if it were mine I would water cool it. That would be sick! If you buy a case, get a big one, something that will fit a extended atx board. Good luck and remember to show lots of pix!

Water cooling is an interesting idea. But I'll tell you right now, Mac Pro's run cool, so why would you need to do it? The Apple factory heat sink is awesomely good. Now if you wanted to water cool a Mac Mini--that might be a good idea if you have a hot chip in it. My mini runs hotter than my Mac Pro.

As for you Jessica. I assume you want to put together a horizontal case? I don't get why you would want to do a case mod. It is one of the nicest looking cases around. If you want a standard case, you might as well buy the OS and build a Hackintosh.