Ok, so i went out and bought a soldering iron last night, went home and looked at the powerbook motherboard...WTF! After probably 30 minutes and not finding any pin holes i didnt know what to do...So i say f**k it and pulled the usb port contacts out from the inside and soldered the wires onto the pins, i had no idea if it was going to work, i never soldered anything before or even thought about touching a motherboard. Ok, so i took the ipod charger thats inside the powerbook now and pulled it out the expansion slot so i can test it when i put the top back on the powerbook. So i power it on and let it boot up, i pluged my ipod to the charger and WHOA! to my amazement, it worked! But now i have one less usb port, but it doesnt matter to me. Thanx alot for the help guys, now i have to enlarge the slot for the ipod to fit through. Any ideas on what tool to use to enlarge the slot a little bit?? Thanx!