a few months ago I got a free Macinrosh IIcx. I would keep it classic and not cut on it but I already have a full IIci setup. what I really want to do with this Case is Modernize the hardware. I want an Intel Core Duo @ around 2Ghz. I really want the IIcx to be how it was originally made to be.

this is what I want:

*Intel Core Duo Motherboard @ at least 2GHZ
*at least 2-4GB of RAM (upgradeable)
*256MB non-shared video
*slot loading 16X superdrive
*Bluetooth and Airport or airport equivalent
*USB 2.0 and firewire Ports in front
*SD card Slot in front (still debating that one)

I do realize it would take alot of fabrication but I think it would be a sweet mod. What do you guys think?