The moment the new MacBooks were introduced the comments on the lack of FireWire ports was started. Like the MacBook Airs, the MacBooks have now dropped FW400 ports, leaving only USB ports.

Apple has tried to squeelch comments on this at the Apple Discussion Groups and Apple reps have said that USB is the preferred way to work with iMovie on the laptops.

Even if new video cameras use USB, it still help with the lack of a firewire target mode. Anybody who has had to deal with a troubled laptop can tell you that the FW target mode is a life saver. With that option taken away for the new MacBooks, I'm wondering if the Mac faithful will shy away from them, while the switchers would be more inclined to buy one not knowing this feature is missing.

Is this a bad choice by Apple? I say yes, unless Apple can make change the FireWire target mode to USB target mode or Ethernet target mode (since USB isn't a peer to peer architecture like FireWire is).

What other features have you noticed about the laptops? (There's already a thread about the display ports at
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