I have a Mac Classic II that I received 2 years ago up for trade.
I upgraded the memory to 10mb and the HDD is 230 MB. The memory and HDD are out of an old performa 476. Everything else is stock on it. the case doesn't have any yellowing that I can tell. There is one scratch on the top of the case.

This Mac Classic II includes:

A bunch of original user guides and manuals, no stickers those are long gone ;-)
Hyper Card install disk
System 7.1 install disk, system 7.5 is installed on the classic II
ClarisWorks on floppy, it is also installed on the Classic II
Mic w/ stick backing unused

The bad:
Leaky Capacitors!!!!!!!!!!

I pulled the logic board out and cleaned around the capacitors with alcohol.

After a few tries the bars went away and I got:

... But I still don't get any sound

Basically, I don't feel like changing out the capacitors and so I am seeing if someone else can use it. Things I would trade for include video games, video game systems, computer stuff, and I guess money. Ask me anything you want about it,and I would be glad to answer them.