Have dropped by these forums a lot, but never posted, so apologies for being such a lousy lurker. However... for my first post I present 'arcadiMac'

I guess this is a case mod... mods - please move this if I've posted in the wrong spot.

Finished last night - still a bit of tidy up to go but mostly there...

iMac 233MHz running OS9 and MacMame.
Uses iPac controller for arcade buttons/joysticks etc
Unsoldered & rewired start button on iMac to arcade switch.
Built cabinet (obviously) - not a kit.
All functions controlled from joysticks via QuickKeys
Total cost less than $200. Hurrah!

OS9 runs surprisingly snappy with most roms except NeoGeo. Sorry - the images appear to be a bit big so are getting clipped on the right hand side.