New guy here. Not sure if this should go in the Hardware or Case Mod forum as it seems to cover a bit of both... or will when it's done.

A few weeks ago I picked up an otherwise functional 20" G4 iMac with a dead monitor, and I started my mod by removing the monitor from the support arm. It's now got four wires dangling out the top, but it still works. Whew!

Next step, open the case and clean it out. From what I can see by looking in the ventilation holes all around there seems to be a wee bit of dust inside.

After that, remove the monitor arm and (hopefully) replace it with a handle... something with some style that will work with the iMac case design. A "T" shaped car shifter, or something oval or circular.

Then it's on to deal with the dangling cables, of which only two are actual monitor wiring. I figure those can just be unplugged at the mobo. The other two I want to keep because one is for the microphone and the other is for a LED in the monitor bezel. My "plan" is to move the microphone and LED to new locations... maybe placing the microphone in (or near) the handle and the LED behind the chrome Apple logo.

Although I'm not absolutely set on doing anything else to the case, I'm seriously considering a nice glossy black paint job. Or maybe a faux wood finish to match my oak bookcases.

It's likely due for a new battery, and the optical drive probably needs to be replaced. The previous owner said the drive was "stuck" and threw in an external Sony CD drive. I'm thinking about replacing the internal CD with a Samsung unit with LightScribe capability, and upgrading the hard drive to a 160, 250 or 500 GB unit.

Considering the age of this Mac the HD, I'm lucky the original 80GB HD still works. Since this machine may end up being some sort of home multi-media server, a new 160, 250 or 500 GB hard drive is in the works. However, I am concerned about heat and since the fan is starting to sound noisy, a new, faster and quite fan is being added.

The last consideration before re-assembly is upgrading the internal ram. Even though Apple's original specs (and online ram sources) say this model has a 1 GB total limit, I think upping it to 2 should be possible, as this unit has 1.5 GB. What's another half a GB?

Comments? Suggestions?