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or you could just get the power from usb - it would be cool to make a power control unit that takes the 5v USB and converts it to 3V at the right current that is in the size of a battery. Then connect this to the battery socket to provide the power. And then keep it communicating with the computer by BT. This way you haven't soldered anything on so you can easily disconnect the usb power cord to use it as wireless.

Very true, since it would communicate. Not a 'true' USB controlled keyboard per se, but it should work and accomplish trying to not use more batteries.

Ok, so the Apple Wireless Keyboards take 4 batteries, not 3 like I originally thought. You'd be dealing with providing 6V of power versus the 5V that USB can provide. I honestly don't know if you are going to get enough juice to power it via USB but it's worth a shot.

I uplayted this post with most better knowledge!