Yesterday I was over at my girl friend's house. Her father gave me a computer that use to be his sister's. He atempted to upgrade its memory and did something that caused the motherboard to die. Anyway he gave me the system, its a Compaq sr5010nx. Since I still had that Intel motherboard that I bought a while back (Pretty much the exact one Apple used in their dev systems) I swapped out motherboards and had a fully functional system. I went ahead and also swapped out DVD drives and boosted the memory to a whopping 2.75GB. I also installed osX86 10.4.9. No specials patches needed. It runs pretty much native. I had to enable the TPS chip so it would boot properly.

Now all what is left to do is gut the system again and transplant it to my red and black case 2.0.

BTW, all of the hardware works execpt for sound.
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