Greetings, everyone!

(1) I've recently moved to a new job with a less than ideal workstation layout, so I've been spending a lot of time recently thinking about bluetooth keyboards.

(2) My 15" AlBook's hard drive died about six months ago, but other than that, it's fully functional (boots ubuntu from a live CD pretty well).

So today I got to thinking: wouldn't it be interesting to mod my old PB into use as a bluetooth keyboard/trackpad for my iMac desktop? I've already got one of Apple's newest BT keyboards (which I do think is great), but somehow the idea of using an old PowerBook as a keyboard for a new machine just sounds like fun.

The reason that I'm posting here is: I wonder, do any of you think that this is at all possible? The machine came from the factory BT-equipped, and I was planning to remove the (bright-spotted) screen from the machine in order to complete this mod.

Although I admire the work that's done here (and the I'm a mechanical engineer by trade), I've never completed a mod before. And yes, I realize that this is likely impossible without way more effort than it is worth.