Greetings guys. My turn to turn to you for help where I'm stuck. I've got a VRVD640G and I have about 7/8ths worth of DIN space in which I want to mount a hard drive underneath the unit. Here's the catch. It all had to fit in that 7/8ths DIN cubbyhole. The USB port on the front of the unit is a low-power port and will not power a pocket drive. In addition, I attempted to build a 5V power supply for the drive. The drive would spin up, but the stereo would not recognize it. My only option is to figure out how to fit a drive/power supply combo in there. I did test it with my large external drive powered off of a 12v/120v car adapter and that worked. I just need to figure out how to get it all to fit without developing heat/dust failure. (I live in Phoenix, AZ) Thanks in advance, guys.