My office is moving to a new place and they are throwing away a whole bunch of stuff, included in that a 15" TiBook with a broken hinge. So I saved it from the trash, and now need some help with it.

First, I need to get it some power. Does anyone know if my power adapter for my 1.33 GHz AlBook will work with this, or would that fry it? If I get this far, do these TiBooks work like the more modern macs, that you can plug them into external monitors, mice and keyboards and have them work?

Next, the right side hinge is completely broken, including the cables passing through it which are cut. The left hinge is also broken, but it looks like the cables are intact. The right side is just a pink and a black cable, so I assume that is just power or antenna, not the display cable which looks like it is on the left.

If I can get it to power up, I'm thinking about either fixing it up and letting my sister use it for the year (I'm fairly confident that this sub-1GHz, over 6 year old mac would be faster than her current 2 year old 2GHz Dell) or flip the screen around and make a very nice digital picture frame which I could eventually convert into a tablet. But does anyone have a better idea for a cool mod? And yeah, its too bad I just got this now instead of a month or two ago, could have had a sweet submission!