Hi guys. New member, first post.

I'm aiming for this:


More pics here:


It's a 17" CRT Studio Display, emptied of components and now a hamster cage, and I adore it. This will be my first mac mod, and naively thought it wouldn't be hard. I obtained an old monitor of the same model in good condition from ebay within about 48 hrs. I've got it home, unscrewed all the screws and allen bolts.

I've read up on it as much as I can. I see that messing with CRTs can apparently be dangerous. This website disagreed:


...but without being stupidly ignorant I regard the whole thing as irrelevant really because all I want to do is get the front off the monitor, and empty the damn thing. I don't want to pry with the tube, stick tools into private places or attempt to rejig any of the electronics.

The plastic 'frame' that surrounds the glass screen seems to have some sort of plastic clip system around the edges but I can't shift it, and I don't want to break it. Undoing the screws and bolts has loosened NOTHING. I can't cut the thing open as I want the plastic case. The CRT structure had to have been put in THROUGH the front so surely it can come out that way?

Does anyone have any experience of messing with these models? I'd really appreciate any advice, and please don't just tell me to give up as I've set my heart on this for our hamsters!

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