thanx for the input.

If I ever do this, it probably wont be for at least a couple months, ive definitely got enough other stuff to keep me busy for a bit.

I already have the ram maxed out, so ill look into switching out the logic board, and ill see if the solid-state drives come down in price a bit.

also, i noticed one of the sites (mce maybe?) had an optical drive bay to hard drive convertor, so i might consider doing that instead, as i dont really use the optical drive all that much, and having 2 solid state drives would make that a much more affordable option.

i loved the 12" size (although it made some web browsing a bit tedious) and i got a lot of use out of the computer, i wish their current line of macbook pros had a 12 incher...

thanx again for the input, ill keep lurking around on here to pick up additional ideas and info