so, i have had this idea for a while now and i have thought everything through all the way. I have looked at every possible thing, and it is ready to go! So here is my idea.....

I am going to start out by making all of the external parts carbon fiber. No not real carbon fiber, carbon fiber sheets.(and no not the apple logo, you will see what i will do with that later. i am also going to do the palm rest area carbon fiber and the screen bezel. so basically everything except the keyboard, apple logo, screen, and trackpad.

Now for the keyboard, i want to dye the keys a red color so that you can still see the factory printed letters. If this does not work than i am going to make all of the keys with actual letters on them (a-z) white, and the rest black. (white and black both from stock macbooks, not painting the original ones.

last but not least, i am going to do 1 of 2 things to the logo, i will see later into the project. I am either going to make it straight red, or the old colored logo with all of the colors.

Now i would like to hear input from everyone that reads this. Tell me what you like/dislike. What ideas you have and such. And PLEASE, if you have any parts (case or anything) to a macbook, please help me out and donate them. i will pay the shipping, i would buy them, but i have NO extra cash, barely enough for the material itself.