Well today, I disassembled my MacBook because of some housing issues and threw it back together. In that time, I noticed the keyboard top had a few holes in it when I held it up to the light, and that sparked my interest. I thought "illuminated MacBook keyboard", then searched up and found this. Of course, it's not even the same structure layout, but I'm still running with it.
I quickly got two pictures of the front and back of the keyboard under light.

As you can see, both sides are only see-through around the left side and right above the spacebar (Q,W,E,R,A,S,D,F,Z,X,C,V,B,N and M). (something like that, I'm not sure if that's correct) I'm assuming this has something to do with ventilation or something, but I plan to use it for more than that.

I looked up some internal MacBook pictures and came out with basically these three:

I figured between CPU 2 (the CPU closest to the RAM modules) and the Airport card would be appropriate to place a few small LED's and some optical cables. The rest is pretty self-explanatory; just run the fibers through the house and sorta hope for luck and wring it.
The LED probably doesn't matter much either. Just pick up something from RadioShack and shove it in aligned with the cables. Just throwing it out: http://xrl.us/ootg3, http://xrl.us/ootg5, http://xrl.us/ootg7. I've always been a fan of a blue keyboard, so I'll personally settle with that.

As for the keyboard, it's a bit of a puzzle for me. I'd rather not destroy my keyboard top with any drilling or cutting. I was aiming for the center of the keycaps to glow as well, not just around the square part of the keys. I'd really like some ideas for this if anyone has a clue what I could do next.


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