Thanks oojacoboo, I'll check it out.
Waragainstsleep that's what happened to my original laptop. The GPU BGA gave away, probably due to lube failure at the hinges applying pressure across the chassis as you open and close (Ball grid array bad idea!) I fixed it with 23049823 layers of foil and a heat gun and reflowed the solder. But every once in a while I'd still lose video even though there was a 100percent improvement. The second time I did it I think there was a negligence of foil gap allowing heat to one of the caps. I surely wasn't going to test them all and attempt to hand-replace. I was going out on a limb doing that in the first place.

My issue know is modding my LCD so my wifi antennae can reach up there. I've actually pulled out one of the little coax from the 90degree adapter on the wifi (also bluetooth maybe) module itself. Anyone have any pointers for fixing this? It was a clean pull. The other type was airport card and only required one cable. This one is two. Thanks. Pardon the slanted typing -I just woke up >:D