Krusher117: Yep, runs Tiger perfectly fine. I did some research and found there was a lot of back and forth information on the web on whether or not Tiger or Panther was the better choice. Some people claimed Panther was faster. Others claimed Tiger was faster. Tiger is actually showing better performance in most categories on benchmark tests, but we are only talking very minimal gains. So for all purposes, I view them as equal. I ran both for a bit and decided to stick with Tiger.

oojacoboo: Yeah, I may put something together and submit it. I actually just made another mod today, although a rather simple one. I modified an Orinoco Wireless PC card to work in the airport slot under the keyboard. I didnt want to cut off the factory antenna of the iBook as some people have done to solder the antenna directly to the card in the event I get ahold of an actual airport card. So right now it sits in there, modified to fit, but unconnected to the factory wire. I get near full signal strength throughout my house as is! I was shocked. If I stray too far from the base station (like the opposite end of the house or outside), signal drops off quickly. However everywhere I normally use my machine comes in full strength. While this might not be ideal to take out in the world to hot spots, it suits my needs just fine at home and I have not eliminated the possibility of putting an airport card in there in the future. The Orinoco Gold card I picked up used for 5 bucks and has the same chipset as the airport card, so it literally is plug and play and the machine recognizes it immediately and reports it as an airport card. Not bad for 5 bucks smile
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