In the process of customizing an old iBook for a fun project. I was reading the resistor mod for overclocking. Im not necessarily interested in overclocking the CPU, I would probably leave that at 500, but I would change the FSB to 100 vs the factory 66.

My question is, for anyone who has done this mod, is the difference between the factory 66mhz and the overclocked 100mhz noticibly different? Are we talking a couple percent better? Ten percent better? More?

I have tons of experience with small component soldering, so Im not worried about the task. More concearned with the effort vs. the return of performance. If its not going to be noticible, or barely noticible, I will probably opt to just leave it as is.

Any info is appreciated!

PowerBook G4 Ti 15" 867 MHz DVI
1GB RAM - 120GB HDD - 10.5.4