I got a couple questions for you people out there. I can only assume that i am definitely not the first person to want to attempt this mod. So I'm hoping I can find some one out there that has already done it or can at least point me in the right direction. I want to alter the glowing Apple logo on a 15" powerbook G4 aluminum lid. I'm a DJ and would prefer to have something like a record or maybe the icon for audio. Just something that isn't the Apple logo. I have never taken apart a powerbook so i don't even know how the light is hooked up.
Does anyone know what the best way to approach this is? Is there a website or company that sells blank top bezels? What is the material that the Apple logo is made out of? Can i change the colour of the light as well? If I buy an extra top lid bezel from ebay, is there a difference between any of the 15" powerbook models (ie.. hi-res)? Thank you.