Dang! I wrote a post, paused and looked something up on Ebay, and when i hit post, i had to re-login and it deleted my message!!!!

That news about the screen connector in iBooks is the best i have heard all week !! ;D

Anyway i said how lucky i would be to have a 1.33GHz ibook with that connector, and that i may have to check it if someone doesnot provide an alternate identification method *cough* you forum users *cough* LOL

I also suggested a prolific based USB-->Serial adapter, they are cheap and readily avaliable on Ebay and at RadioShack marketed as Cell Phone data cables. They are the ones with the "lumps" or "warts" inline with the cable. These would easily fit with a micro-hub into the modified shell of an iBook. Now, for a protective screen cover?