Oh, man! I would LOVE to join the band-wagon here, as my 14.1" iBook G4's battery just decided to stop working. Its time for a new one over here, and I'm eying the MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air, probably the pro...

I found this 14.1" screen with digitizer on Ebay,


It looks to be the right size, although i am slightly confused about these panels. These panels have a single 30 pin LVDS connector, while standard panels in the iBooks have only 20pin cables, which would mean that some adapter would be required. A small breakout PCB would be nice, with one 30 pin to go to the monitor, a 20 pin to the iBook, and then another connector with the touchscreen data to go to USB/Serial. Im sure the great companies like SparkFun or LumenLab could whip something up, or even a user of the boards here. This is the most important part of the whole mod, the screen. If anybody finds anything out, please do share!