i'll check out some of these different options. i may be putting the tablet idea aside in favor of replacing my internal hard drive with (2) 16 GB Compact flash cards and then i want to also remove the combo drive, which i rarely use, to put in a couple more CF cards. I would love to have the computer to be completely spinning disk free as it already takes some abuse. I have had the hard drive replaced three times since i've owned it. Now i'm ready to do it myself.

What interface does the stock combo drive of an ibook g4 use? I know that the hard drive uses IDE and i have found this adapter that i will be using:


So my hope is that the combo drive also uses IDE, then i could use that adapter there as well. Any insight?

All of these mods will start once i get my new MacBook in about three weeks. The macbook will immediately get the 500GB hard drive upgrade from OWC and a 4GB Ram upgrade before it even gets booted up for the first time. smile