Hello everybody here on the board.
Just stumbled into this place and really like it.

I hope my question goes into the right place, please correct me if not...

I have a defective iMac G5 1st Gen. Motherboard needs to be replaced, but i don't really know if I should again invest 400 Euro in a new one, since this is the second time it blew up!

I really loved the display of my iMac, so the obvious question is, if it's possible to mod it into an external display.
The basic idea would be to throw out all stuff i don't need anymore (CPU, HDD and so on) and solder on a DVI-Plug at the right spot.

Has anybody an idea if this is possible? Is the display controller part the main unit, or can it in some way be separated?

If somebody has any experience with the internal structure of the iMac G5 (1,8 GHz) and how everything is wired together, any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

many thanks and greetings from germany,