I ordered a USB 2.0 hub without a PCI connector to add a few more USB ports. I didn't think I'd need more USB ports, but I find that I want some more in the back out of the way. I'm thinking about doing a mod to this part I bought at NewEgg for $8, and making a cutout in the back of the case--where the USB ports are normally anyway. One long slot joining the existing cutout, and a couple of screws might work. I have a port multiplier bracket already fabricated that I want to put in a card slot, which means I need to keep that area open. I still need to decide where to put the fourth port multiplier connector--if I ever get that many drives.

So you see this board works perfect for me. I don't want a PCI connector. I want an external cable feeding it. I also want to eliminate power cords, and this just needs a floppy connector. I can cut one off an old power supply, or even an existing PC which doesn't have a floppy drive, and add it to my 750W power supply. Nice and neat. I add only one USB cable between the machines--and both will be in back out of the way. While I lose one port on Pisces, I gain four--a net gain of three.

I want to de-soldering one of the USB connectors and wire it to the port on the front. It would be simple to connect it to the existing cable or solder it straight to the front connector. I can try to ohm out the front panel cable and see what wires do what. I don't really need another USB port on the front, but making it work would be a nice touch, and an interesting challenge.

It would go to the middle connector here.

What prompted me to want more USB ports? A USB scanner.

This is the one I'm thinking about buying. This Canon scanner is USB bus powered, and it will fit on top of the two machines and combined with Pisces I and II, it make the top line of the Pi symbol--how appropriate!

Scanner Dimensions: (WxDxH): 9.9 x 14.4 x 1.6 in; Weight: 3.6 lbs.

It is a little short to bridge the top of both Pisces I and II, I can live with that. I'm glad it fits in between the gaps of the handles--12". It won't be in the way up there, it is light if I ever have to move it, and with and only one wire going to it, it will be neater.

What else?

I'm still trying to find a G5 optical drive mount. Does anyone have one? I can't seem to get any information about parts from Apple. They are such a PITA about small parts. I think I may go into business reselling small parts for people like me, who like to tinker.

And I'm still looking for a really thin piano hinge for the door. I found one but it is too thick for my door. I did find a nice magnetic latch which operates by pushing in to release--so no need for a handle on the front. I can cut off the two tie wraps I'm using for a handle. The magnet is weak and far enough away from the drives not to be a problem. I can hot glue the steel plate to the door. All this happens when I get my fan control and temperature panel completed--coming up!