I thought I'd take another look at the front panel power switch, Firewire and USB connectors.

One issue I found was the door would not shut with the shield on unless I moved the drive cage over 1/4". I may do that as it is a simple change. Here is what the back side of the door looks like with the assembly in place.

With Shield

I tried removing the shield and reinstalling. This fits fine. I could probably fab my own shield with metal tape and plastic sheeting for insulation. But before I go to all that effort I need to find the circuit diagram for the connector.

Without Shield

Here is a look at the connector. It would be easy to cut off the other end and wire it into whatever i want--first I need to know what all these pins are for. I'll need to research that. So far I'm not finding any luck. I was hoping it would match the Mac Pro connector, but the are differences unfortunately. If anyone has the pin-outs for this connector, please let me know. Mostly I'm interested in the power connector. I might use the USB connector.

While the shielding is grounded, the components within seem to be isolated from ground.

Another option is to discard the whole assembly and use the three wire from the on/off switch. It would be easy enough to determine the function of the three wires and hook this up to a relay or electronic control switch. That eliminated the issue of finding the pin-out for the whole assembly.