I decided to pull PISCES II apart to neaten it up some. There were a couple of things I did not like. For starters, there was too much wire. I decided I wanted to slide the drive cage back slightly to the position I chose originally. The amount of wire caused me to move it forward, and I could have lived with it, but it just bugged the crap out of me that there was such a mess on the inside. To make space I also wanted to run the wire straight up instead of out the front where it got real cramped.

So I pulled out the power supply, and cut a hole in the top. I moved the plastic edging that protected against chafe from the front to the top. There was still some exposed edges, and even after filing the sharp and rough edges down, I added a bit of tape to extra protection. I cut off several bundles of extra cabling I did not I need. I left one 12V bundle for fans and lighting--I'm not sure how or if I will use this, but it tucked away behind the drive cage for now.

Next I pulled the wire through.

And started shortening up some of the wires.

I found one connector that plugged right into the G5 case wiring. I kept that and shortened but will have to verify the correct voltage wires connect properly--I suspect they do not. If not I can always use the connector and I have plenty of like wire that was unused I can splice in any way I like. I'll worry about that later. I tucked it behind the drive cages also.

To move the drive cages back I had to cut off a bit more sheet metal off the drive cage assembly.

Next I found some shorter screws that don't interfer with the outside drive tray. I was lucky to find some of these short screws. They fit perfect and saved me a trip out. I suppose I could have used washers for spacers, but that is a sloppy look I wanted to avoid. Here is a view of the drive cage showing the screws, and a cut out I made with the dremel tool to make them fit a little better. There was a flange there that got in the way [bottom of photo], so I cut it off some months back.

More clean up work. I put some cover plates on the backplane. I want to find better screws, or if possible the thumbscrew setup my Mac Pro has. It is not terribly important to use the thumbscrews as I don't anticipate changing this much. Putting the cover plates on is important to keep the air flowing from front to back.

Here is a cool shot of the interior of the drive cage. The LED's are mounted on the printed circuit board in the back and the light is channeled forward using plexiglass tubes--smart idea-save on wiring! You can see the two types of power connectors. This worked out fine for me. I had a bundle of three of the old style power connector--one bundle for each drive cage--both shortened to get rid of the excess wire. And I had two bundles with the Sata power connector--each with three connectors. I nipped off the last Sata power connector on each of these two bundles and shortened them as well.

Here is the fan assembly from the drive cage--these are the noisy ones. Notice there are three wires. Is there a thermostat in there somewhere? I'm not exactly sure of the purpose of the third wire. I do know it is too loud. I left the top cage power disconnected for now. These drive cage fans are 80mm size. I'm glad I checked because I was about to order a couple of 75mm fans. I variable resistor in series out to give me the control I want. My next phase will be to add a few temperature sensors and build a fan control panel--this will serve double duty as a fan shroud, to ensure fresh air is pulled through the drive cages. I'm also going to pick up some metal HVAC tape to seal off any small holes later on.

I installed a new On/Off switch. I was worried someone might bump into the black switch I installed. I will use the later for something else, like a booster fan or lighting. Here is the new switch. Note the area above the drive cages. This is where the fan controls will go.

Before and after shots of the wiring clean up. Well worth the effort I think. I

Before Shot of Messy Wiring:

After Shot of Wiring--with bundles removed or shortened: [Note I forgot to install the other drive cage--Oops!]
Note I move the fan at the back to the lower position. This fan is quiet. I thought I'l buy one more for the top, and moving this will make the install of the extra easier when it comes in.

Finally, here is a shot of my present drive configuration in the Finder Window.
I noticed that one of the two TB drives in my OWC Mercury Elite box is not visible in the Finder Window. It was working yesterday. I suspect a cable problem. I'm going to pull these drives out and install them in the bottom drive cage, which will fill it up.

Next up is to order some fans and a floppy power connector from NewEgg. And I need to find some pots to control the various fan's.

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