I discovered the screws securing the drive cages are too long and prevent installing drives on each side. I can use the middle slide drawers until I find shorter fine threaded screws.

I test fit an old 250 GB Sata drive to see how things worked and it is not being recognized. I tried it in another enclosure--same problem. It is an older drive in FAT32--it needs to be formated for a Mac and I've found I often need to install these in the main drive bay to format them--it is a hassle. I'll save that for tomorrow.

Also the fans in the drive cages are too loud. My 90mm fan in the back is nice and quiet though. In any event, I might slide in a variable resistor in series with the fan supply to cut the fan noise down, and/or else I can try some other brands. I am now thinking about remote switch for the fans or perhaps variable resistors for . A row of switches would fit nice along the top of the cage behind the front door. Also, I think a bit of sheet metal to control the airflow would be a good idea.

This is how the two machines look together. Pretty eh? I love the soft lighting. I can get more accurate colors using a flash, but I like the tint of natural light...