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I should add that it is possible to link two gigabit ports together for a 2Gb link. I know its built into OS X server, maybe not in the client though.
If you connect this 2Gb link via a switch, the switch will also need to support link aggregation.

Thanks for the tip. I looked into that. I have a Linksys Business class switch--model SR2016. I've used this for about 2 years not without a hiccup. However, it does not support link aggregation. And I'd still need another machine with dual ethernet to make the connection work.

Also, I don't want to give up a PCIe slot for a 10GB network as none of my other machines support this without add on cards.

It is a good idea for some people. I have a few other ideas for speeding things up on my workstation--SSD drives when the price drops. I can get by with GB Ethernet for the next five or more years. It works OK for me. I will only need to move smaller files across the network--that goes fast. Bigger tasks like copying full TB drives takes 4-5 hours using eSata connections. That is slow, but I can live with it.