I am on the home stretch. I've had a couple obstacles in my path lately. One was the fact that I've been traveling so much. The other was the fact that I wanted to use an Apple Power cords and an Apple Female connector. I called Apple several times, I walked into a store. I tried online. I could not find what I needed. My options were to buy a power supply and the price put me off. The other option was to go through Apple or a Apple hardware vendor. Apple was useless. The other hardware vendors seemed to think Apple parts were made of gold.

So back to plan B. Which was to relocate the existing power connector. Once I made that decision thing started moving rather quickly. Here are a few pictures of my last few days work.

Here is the power supply before I started work on it.

I started by unsoldering the female connector and the power switch from the power supply. I spent $0.94 on wire at West Marine. Their wire is made for boats--tinned, stranded wire--it is really the best wire I've seen anywhere--it has to be for a marine environment. Ok, so i used a small butane torch to unsolder the leads. It is not pretty. ha!

Ok, now the connector and switch have been removed. This is the circuit board with those components removed. Now I need to attach some wire to it.

Now I need to deal with the circuit board. I didn't want and stray AC shorts. I taped up the outside for some protection and tie wrapped it to the power supply case. This one shows how I added wire to the connector.

Should I mount the connector with the flange on the inside or the outside. Well, if it is on the outside, I'll have to de-solder to take it out. Bad idea. And it is the uglier of the two options. Why do I care what the back looks like? It is not like anyone will see it!

Here is the final on the Female Power Connector.

And test fitting the power supply into the G5 Case. I had to play with it a bit. It needed to be back tight against the Female Power connector. One reason I installed the connector first.

Ok, now where to put the power switch. At first I thought I'd put it on the back. But none of the precut holes for USB or Firewire were the right size. Then I thought, why not put it on the front? I thought about using the original switch, but that meant getting a relay and I just wanted to get this thing into service. I have a pile of external drives and I'm fed up with them.

Here is a view of the front with a template I cut to help me choose where to put the switch.

Here is the hole I cut in the front. I'm counting on the flange on the switch to cover up the rough edges. Lets see how it turns out.


Not bad. Good enough for me.

Ok, off came the switch and it was time to run some wire to this location. My piece was a little short, so I routed it back through the interior of the power supply, out through one of the vents and forward to this spot.

I soldered on the connection. During this period I test fitting the drive cages.

Now the drive cages are secured. It didn't take long to run the wires. This was a golden moment for me. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. I still need to get a floppy type micro connector to hook up the upper bank of drives. I had just one of these on the power supply. I thought there were two. So for now, only the lower bank of five cages is operational.

As a bonus, one of the connector on the power supply hooked up to some existing wiring in the case that feeds the optical bay, and the double drive bay on back top area. I still have two old SCSI drive populating the slide out tray I build and described earlier. I did not build a new drive carrier for the optical bay, because I am now thinking of putting a second optical drive in there.

So I need one converter connector to power the second Port Multiplier. I decided to hold off on buying a third and fourth port multiplier until I need the drive space.

Here is it late at night and I can't find any Electrical tape. I want to tape up the leads on the power switch before seating it into the case.

I lay the LED power indicator in the front under the switch. It needs a tie wrap after I seat the power switch.

So here it is. Only the bottom five bays are functional. I'll have the rest done shortly after a few small parts.

However, I plan to put it into service tomorrow, and order a bunch of new drives. It just occured to me, that will 2TB drives being sold now, this case could hold more than 40TB of drive--but I'd never fill that up! And 1TB drives are so cheap now.

I'll be selling my old external drive cases on eBay this week. I'll post another picture with the two machines linked up later in the week.

What else? The door opens and closes well without a hinge, which would throw off the dot pattern. I may just put a little handle on the door and a latch. On the other hand, I like the clean look of no handle. Perhaps I;ll just do a latch.

I'm still debating putting a USB hub inside, and I thought a firewire connector to one or two drive--might be useful.

I like the LED's. The Port multipliers have led connectors so I could if I want run some nicer LED to the grill in the front. I may do that. I think I could drill out holes in the grill and press-fit them into place. I'll have to think about it. I'm not sure it is worth the cost.

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