I've been working in England for the last four months, so naturally, I have not made any progress on my Second Case--Pisces II. Well, I'm home now and I just started opening up the power supply I bought and I'm trying to decide how much I want to modify the power supply.

I have three options:

1) One thing I'd like to do is use the original power switch on the front of the G5 case. That will take a little circuit design. Most elegant, but it will take the longest. At the same time I could put a USB hub in the box and make the front USB Ports active. Frankly, this whole box does away with the need for USB drive--which I never use anyway. Also I have about five free ports now between my keyboard, monitor and my Mac Pro case--Pisces.

2) Move the existing power switch from the back to the front. Fairly easy job. It would mean I'd have a live AC circuit in the bottom of the case. I'd have to shield that and I would not want any stray E-M fields mucking up my bottom hard drives.

3) Leave it on the back. This still requires some changes to the case. How often will I be turning it on or off anyway. I like this option least. I hate going behind my cases to fuss with wires. I might knock something loose if I move it. There will be four eSata connecting cables--these I will bundle together, one power cable, and perhaps one USB 2.0 connector--three groups of wires. I can manage reaching around to switch on.

I'm going to see if I can figure out the circuit that is attached to the G5 power switch and perhaps hook that up to a relay for the on/off switch.

Another thing I need to research is the Apple power cord and connector. I'd prefer to use this on the case as it would mean fewer modifications to the case. I will have to check on eBay, and with Apple, to see if I can find a power cord and a female connector.

Other news.

I started designing a tray for the optical bay. But I recently learned that there is a company making a mount for this--the catch is they don't show a picture of it on their web site. I'll have to call them after the holidays to find more information on that. That will be the last of the fabricating needed to mount the last four drives. I'm eager to get this finished, and the drive bays populated as drive prices for TB drives have dropped 50% in price since I started this project about six months ago.