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If you've got that setup and some free time to learn editing you might want to check out opencut.org for 25 bucks they give you 160gb of 4k footage to cut however you want you could even win an aja io-hd which is a fun little toy as well.

Good luck in your editing career the best way to get better is to keep doing it and keep talking to people, and having a screaming fast mac-pro and 27tb of space doesn't hurt either...

Thanks for the tip on opencut.org. It looks very cool. I'll be taking a course on FCP real soon so that might be a nice option to practice on. I've also got a bunch of video I've been storing up to practice on, over a TB of files.

I'm shopping for a camera now, and like the new Panasonic HVX-170. I like the Red camera's also. But I'm not sure I can afford one right now.