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Very nice mod. What kind of connectivity are you using to connect to your main rig?

I am using four Sata cables via a Sonnet E4P Software Raid Card PCI [Express 4x]

For more information on this software RAID product.


Comments are welcome.

I'm not sure what the real world through put will be. So for a scratch disk for video editing, I'm leaning towards four [4] 320GB SAS drives in a Raid 0. With the Apple RAID card, that will allow me to edit one stream of uncompressed HD Video. So the external drives are mostly for long term storage.

Well here is my current plan.

Bays1-4 RAID Stripe Set via Apple Hardware RAID--This are my scratch Disks--Raid 0
Bay 5--Boot Disk OSX--needs an IDE to SATA conversion board.
Bay 6--Boot Disk Windows XP 64 [uses spare on-board [#5] SATA connector]
Bay 7--Boot Disk Solaris 10 [uses spare on-board [#6] SATA connector]

Bays 8-12 Raid 5 Video Storage
Bays 13-17 Raid 5 Mirror of Bay's 8-12 Video Storage [RAID 5 + 1]
Bays 18-19 (existing P-II Bays) Personal Music Archive [Backup is on Mac Mini external Drives]
Bays 21-24 21 --Picture Files, 22--DMG Files, 23--Windows back up files, 24--spare OS X boot
Bays 25-28 25--28 [Concatentation all four drives for Time Machine Back Up's]

Throughput is supposed to be 3.0GB/s. Going through the port multiplier, I have my doubts if this will be feasible.

After installing an Apple RAID card, I will still have one PCI Express card bay for some sort of of card interface to stream in video and audio.

The only other question in my mind, is how other computers on my network will be able to access these files, if I want to job out the various editing tasks using a work flow process. That will be my principle question for the conference on Thursday.

My next project is to build an editing workbench in the basement. A work flow process seems to be the wave of the future. I don't know enough about the requirements yet, but I think that if I want to add one or two more people to my one-man shop, 3Ghz iMac's might work--perhaps we shall see quad core processors by the time I get that sophisticated.

My network is a single 16 port Gigabit switch with three wireless G access points. My house is wired well--I used to work as a telecom consultant. My office has 5 drops and I'm adding two more so I can get my printer and wifi access point off my desktop. Moving files between my Mac Mini and Mac Pro on the hard-wired LAN has been slow--at least it seems so with really big file batches. So, from what I've read, perhaps Firewire 800, with no overhead, will work out better for sustained data transfer between an iMac and the Mac Pro file system. Firewire cables can be run fairly long distances to directly connection machines.

Jeez, when I think about my first 286 PC with 640kb of ram and a 30GB HD, I am stunned by the all the new technology. But I'm glad I'll be able to set up a Video Production company, with cash out of pocket, bit by bit, while not long ago, it was a process that was priced out of reach of the common man.