I don't think I mentioned how I picked the name of the machine. Well, I'm a Pisces and I chose that name for my new Mac Pro. I figure I'll be keeping it a very long time, since I paid so much for it. Hopefully, software will be written to better utilize all 8 cores, and it won't go obsolete any time soon.

Later when I started looking at external drive solutions I began thinking how many drives I could fit in one of these cases. Other options were either too pricey, not very nice looking, or a combination of the two. So I decided to build my own. I'm calling the second G5 case--Pisces II, which if you know the symbol for Pisces, you will know it looks like a Roman Numeral II only joined together at the top--sort of like my two cases--they will be joined by a few cables.

The two 5 bay hot swap enclosures I have installed, came with a 450W power supply. According to my calculations I'll need an average of 12W per drive plus 3W per fan. Max draw is 30W per drive. I suppose this is during start up. In which case I'll need 600W for the 20 drives. The case comes with two fans, each drive enclosure has a fan. I plan to add as least one more 90mm on the back. So that is at least 5 fans @ 3w each= 15W. If I add in some LED's--say another 10W. I'm up to 625 watts for start up. If I use a 1.5x safety factor, I'll need somewhere around a 937W Power Supply. I'm not going for redundant power supplies. There is nothing that I will be doing that can't wait a day or two to replace a power supply.

After speaking to a sales rep for a power supply company. I've been advised that 750 watts should be plenty big enough. I'll be ordering that tonight.